Innovode Armor - Encryption and Password Protection for Google Drive

  • seamless security
    for your google drive files

    Armor - a unique cloud based service that embeds into the fabric of Google Drive so you may not only store but also edit, share and collaborate on sensitive documents securely.

    • Password protection
    • Military grade encryption
    • Google Drive integration
    • No client installation

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  • for the enterprise

    Satisfy compliance regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and the data protection act robustly without taking onerous measures.

    Defend against account breach and data spillage without limiting usability.

    Enterprise Edition offers seamless business and regulatory compliance focused protection for Google Drive that enables you and your users to store, edit and collaborate on sensitive documents securely. Suitable for groups as well as SMEs.

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  • for individuals

    Our Personal Edition of Armor offers peace of mind for the security of files in Google Drive, without compromising usability. New: Our Large tariff has gone Unlimited!

    For private users and sole traders Personal Edition features:

    • Password protection of files and docs
    • Secure storage with military grade encryption
    • Secure file viewing, editing and sharing
    • Full operation from from within Google Drive

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  • free trial

    Add Armor to Google Drive for two weeks for free.

    For individuals Armor Personal Edition is available through the Chrome web store or can be directly installed by clicking here. This trial is limited to 100MB of usage.

    Groups and SMEs should install Armor Enterprise Edition through the Google Enterprise Marketplace. Up to 5 users may take part in the trial.

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innovode armor for enterprise for individuals for free trial

Storing sensitive files in Drive?

  • Do you worry about Google Drive connected devices being compromised?
  • Do you have misgivings about your cloud provider's security?
  • Are you worried about files being inadvertently shared to the wrong people?
  • Are you concerned about account breach?
  • Do you need to achieve compliance regulations such as HITECH, HIPAA and SOX?

Armor has a tight integration with Google's cloud platform to uniquely enable users to store and use files within Drive, securely. Find out more.

Launched in August 2013 Armor instantly found a strong footing. Thousands of users since then have integrated Armor into their Google Drive environments to protect sensitive files from unwanted access.

Here is what they are saying:

  • "Thank you for the service. I appreciated the ease of use."
  • "Armor seems to be the first of its kind."
  • "Many thanks for your wonderful product!"
  • "This is way too exciting for us. You have no idea how much we have been struggling during the last few weeks to find a secure means to share our info."
  • "I have been waiting for this option a long time."
  • "I like your product and how it works."
  • "Such a refined service"
  • "The encryption and decryption is very good..."
  • "Using your program, a small law office or solo practitioner would be able to safely and inexpensively gain the advantages of cloud computing."
  • "Your program which is cloud based worked perfectly."
  • "A dream-come-true for my group"
  • "I have started trialling Armor as of today and have to say I am very impressed."
  • "A perfect tool for our use of google docs."
  • "I have been very pleased with using Innovode Armor on my computer"
  • "I want to congratulate you for Armor..."
  • "Much more convenient than other services."
  • "I have been waiting for this option a long time."
  • "Congratulations on Armor."
  • "I like your product and I think there will be more and more clients asking to extra protect their files."
  • "This is a great product, and priced right."
  • "I am definitely going to subscribe, especially in light of your development roadmap."

In doing so Armor has been used the world over to solve real security concerns such as:

  • Safe-guarding documents and files from unwanted access for Individuals.
  • Helping Lawyers protect client confidentiality without inhibiting productivity.
  • Protecting Schools with mobile devices from possible account breach.
  • Enabling Healthcare Professionals to easily take robust measures to achieve HIPAA/HITECH compliance.
  • Securing customer information for Sole Traders in-line with data protection acts.
  • Providing HIPAA/HITECH compliance measures for collaborative working for the US Police Force

We offer a deep technical support service and endevour to answer your questions as quickly as possile.

  • "That was a really fast response thank you very much!"
  • "Thanks for replying so promptly; impressed!"
  • "Thanks for your fast answer."
  • "Thank you so much for your rapid and helpful response."
  • "I do appreciate the help and rapid response."
  • "Thank you for the speedy response."
  • "Thanks for your quick and meaningful response!"
  • "Thank you for your help."
  • "Many thanks for your prompt action."

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