About Innovode - Home of Google Drive encryption

Innovode Team is now part of CloudLock (New Update)

We are very excited to announce that the Innovode team is joining the cloud security specialist provider CloudLock. At Innovode, we built Armor because people demanded greater yet unhindering security around the files they store on Google Drive.

When we first met with the CloudLock team, we saw an entrepreneurial organization that, like us, sees the cloud as an opportunity rather than a problem and cloud security as a way to accelerate business objectives rather than as a blocker. By joining CloudLock, we will be able to make even greater leaps in the level of security that governs cloud resident data, particularly for organisations. To learn more about CloudLock, please visit www.cloudlock.com.

What it means for our customers (Updated)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting us here at Innovode. We feel that our best way to serve our customers is to focus on further implementing our cloud security vision within CloudLock's cloud service portfolio. As such, we will begin to wind down the Armor service in such a way to enable a soft landing. We will make available (email support@innovode.com) a desktop version of Armor for use during the wind-down period. This enables you to decrypt files on your desktop (including existing synced Armor files) whether you or our service is on or off-line.

CloudLock has listened to the feedback of Armor users and want to make sure that you have a smooth path to a potential replacement solution. Innovode has therefore decided to update the timing of our original wind-down strategy to allow the Innovode customers time to take advantage of CloudLock's Selective Encryption product promotion.

We have continued to provide Innovode Armor as a service for existing customers (the service remains closed to new users) until the general availability of Cloudlock's Selective Encryption September 8. We have now switched again to decrypt-only mode and will shut down the service for good October 6.

Although CloudLock has no direct relationship with the Innovode customers, CloudLock has offered a migration package to its Selective Encryption Offering. For up to 50 users, Cloudlock is offering Innovode customers Selective Encryption for a fee of $225/year which represents a 50% discount off the list price. Innovode customers with more than 50 users should contact CloudLock sales (info@cloudlock.com) for pricing.


All users who have a monthly subscription with Innovode will find their subscriptions will automatically be cancelled in the next few days. If you have paid for an annual subscription or have other reason to request a refund, please email us at refunds@innovode.com. We shall process any request swiftly and fairly.

Please address any other enquiries to support@innovode.com.


  • Can I still use the Armor Service?
  • The Armor service will be brought down following the schedule outlined above.
  • How do I decrypt Armor files after the service is terminated?
  • A desktop version of Armor is available to all Armor users. This version will continue to work after the on-line service is stopped and can be used to decrypt Google Drive files synced to the desktop. Existing users should have been emailed download details for the desktop version. Please contact us at support@innovode.com if you require further details.
  • Is there a time or usage limit on the desktop version of Armor?
  • No. This version is offered without restriction and can be used to encrypt and decrypt files on the desktop.
  • I have forgotten my password, can Innovode recover it?
  • No, we purposely do not store passwords and implemented no backdoors for breaking into Armor files.
  • Can Innovode decrypt my files?
  • No, we do not store your passwords and so cannot decrypt files on your behalf. You will need to decrypt them yourself with the either the on-line or off-line (desktop) version of Armor.